Andrew Lee

Hi, my name is Andrew. I'm a game designer working at Haiku Games and also an independent game developer who just launched M.Duck on iOS/Android. If you're curious about some of my independent games, keep scrolling!


Released on iOS and Android!

M.Duck is a game about a duck who knows magic fighting his way up a mysterious tower.

It is a lighthearted roguelite shooting gallery game inspired by games such as Wild Guns and Enter the Gungeon. Players will have to aim and shoot at enemies while dodging various incoming attacks to keep Magic Duck safe. It takes a lot of focus for Magic Duck to battle so he can’t move while aiming or casting spells. As the player makes their way up the tower, they will face randomized waves of enemies and bosses while acquiring different items to improve Magic Duck's chances of survival.

The game contains over 40 enemies, 8 unique bosses, and over 60 relics. Magic Duck also has access to field notes which contain information on enemies/relics, measure the player’s progression, and include various challenges which can be completed to unlock lore and new relics.

Features music by Calbert Warner (@Schematist)

Project Muscles

In Progress

New City is being invaded by monsters from another world and its only hope are Mike and the other regulars at the New City Ironworks gym.

Project Muscles is a JRPG inspired by classic games such as Final Fantasy and Earthbound. The game consists of 6 playable characters, 4 dungeons, and a few optional locations. Players will utilize a variety of skills inspired by weightlifting moves to put these monsters in their place.

Eggscellent Eggventures

Show off your eggspert memory skills in this egg-based memory game.

This is a simple memory game where the player must remember and match the various eggs in each stage. Players earn points for each correct match as they play through the 7 stages. Features 16 animated eggs which are randomly selected in each stage. They do not have names.

Looking For Healer

You're the healer so it's on you to keep your plucky party members alive.

Looking for Healer is a real-time healing game which includes 3 playable classes, 15 skills, and 3 stages. The mana system was inspired by the elixir system from Clash Royale. Each class has a different passive ability and players are able to select skills from their primary and secondary class. There are a variety of different skills including heals, shields, and summonable allies. This project is meant as a prototype for a possible mobile game.

Adventure Game

It's time to pay rent and the only way Andrew is going to find enough money is by doing some dungeon crawling.

This is a simple point-and-click adventure game that I made to propose to my girlfriend (now wife!). Face off against Seegore, the vampire filing cabinet, help the Boo find their missing guitar, and even make friends with a duck! The game consists of roughly 12 rooms, 2 minigames, a variety of puzzles, but only one ending.